Sudden Spoon

Collaborative Close Readings

Sonnet #8

Unclothed we come into this world, possession-less, alone,

The odyssey to reach each goal acquaints us with new pain,

Each stumbling block, despite the odds, becomes a stepping stone,

And every loss, a predecessor to a greater gain.

Our meeting was revealed to me when I was but a child:

A revelation of a form, a loveliness, pristine,

Yet planted in my heart was that pure vision, undefiled,

Someday to manifest itself just as it was foreseen.

I found you when I lacked the wherewithal to make you mine,

Distressed, perplexed, I felt compelled to spell my love that June.

That summer’s love was but a glimpse into a world divine,

A harbinger of better days, of times more opportune.

We’ll meet again and then we must decide upon the hour

When we’ll allow our destinies to intertwine and flower.


About Raymond Maxwell

Greensboro, NC. Navy mustanger (USS Hammerhead, SSN-663; USS Michigan, SSBN-727(B); USS Luce, DDG-38), US Foreign Service (Dept. of State). Florida A&M University (undergrad). University of London (SOAS)(MA). Catholic University of America (MSLIS).

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