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How to add new Media and new Posts

This info is for blog authors.  How to add a pic to the library, and how to make a new post with that image.

Note: the image I uploaded is to use as a default image for the poem of the week.  If you have your own cool art to use instead, something for that individual poem, that’s great.  If you don’t, you can use this.  Next up, I’ll show you how to make that poem of the week post sticky and use categories.


About Elizabeth Evans

I am a poet living in Washington state.

2 comments on “How to add new Media and new Posts

  1. motherology
    November 18, 2012

    so here’s an incredibly dumb question (and when I ask it you will reconsider having asked me to participate!): how do I actually retrieve the poem that I would like to post for discussion? For instance, the Louise Gluck poem that I posted on the FB Close Reading Blog group page. It’s from the site that has a handy link directly to FB–completely straight-forward for a logic-challenged digital immigrant like me. I’ll probably be able to get some more tutorial help from my 19 yr-old son at Thanksgiving; he’s usually sympathetic, amazingly enough, to my ignorance as long as I bribe him with chocolate!

    • ElizabethEvans
      November 18, 2012

      Nadia, you don’t need to make the poem appear on the page. Just give a link… I don’t want to run into any copyright issues.

      First, open up the page on Drag your cursor across the http:// address at the top of you window. CTRL-C to copy it into your clipboard.

      Then start a new post on the blog. Type the title of the poem into your post. Drag your cursor across it to highlight it. Then look at the gray bar with little icons on it above your post. Click on the icon that looks like a link in a chain. You will get a little pop-up menu asking you for the URL. CTRL-V to paste in the URL from The put in the rest of your post. Click the Publish button to publish (or update to update it.)

      Oh, and on that little links menu — it helps to click the little checkbox to open a new window or tab. That way the reader will stay on our page, and the link will open in a new window.

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