Sudden Spoon

Collaborative Close Readings

Theme specifications

The Suburbia theme will display a featured image over your post.  The featured image needs to be at least 350 x 248.   (Note: a 4 x3 aspect ratio would be 350 x 263; if you use that aspect ratio for you photos, they will appear on the front page with a few pixels cropped off the top and bottom of their thumnails.)  It will make thumbnails of larger images to display on the home page; I think it is just smaller images that will look odd.

From the Suburbia theme info page at

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 547 except in the full-width layout, where it’s 744.
  2. Widget width is 155.
  3. The custom header image is 155 by 155 (width, height).
  4. The featured image works best with images at least 350 by 248 (width, height).

About Elizabeth Evans

I am a poet living in Washington state.

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