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Collaborative Close Readings

“Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich

Poem and audio recording (by Anne Waldman): Audio recording by me (because, although I love Anne  Waldman, her reading is a bit rushed and dramatic for me): Honestly, … Continue reading

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Sonnet #8

Unclothed we come into this world, possession-less, alone, The odyssey to reach each goal acquaints us with new pain, Each stumbling block, despite the odds, becomes a stepping stone, And … Continue reading

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I am she : I am he : The wreck is / is not / thing itself

A close reading of “Diving Into the Wreck,” by Adrienne Rich. The two things that intrigue me most about this poem are: The shifting I, and the nature of the … Continue reading

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Diving into the Wreck: “the thing itself”

I came to explore the wreck. The words are purposes. The words are maps. . . . the thing I came for: the wreck and not the story of the … Continue reading

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Vespers: Blight of the Muse

On the one hand: there are eleven lines of business-speak in dry, accusatory accounting. A deal has gone awry. The narrator points a finger to “you.” On the other hand: … Continue reading

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“Vespers” — alternative readings inspired by form

Sycamore leaves — this is the first year I have ever seen leaves still on the trees at the end of November here. The leaves were scanned on a flat-bed … Continue reading

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Vespers: From Resentment to Acceptance

This poem strikes me as an example of the process many of us go through in accepting when bad things happen that feel out of our control. First, the speaker … Continue reading

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Vespers…the prayer of evening

I’m very caught up in the evening/darkness imagery of the poem. Vespers is the evening prayer in the liturgy of the hours.  (Someday, remind me to tell you of my … Continue reading

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Terms: business and parable in “Vespers”

I think that a certain mode of interaction with divinity is at work in this poem. Louise Glück’s “Vespers” takes me to some parables, in particular those where a landlord … Continue reading

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“Vespers” by Louise Glück

Our first poem for close reading and discussion is “Vespers” by Louise Glück. Here we have what seems to be not so much a prayer–Vespers is an evening prayer service– … Continue reading

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Hi everyone!

This is just a sample post to test it out. Here is a link to Wallace Stevens’ poem Lunar Paraphrase:

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Here’s another video.  So, you just wrote the Poem of the Week post.  How do you make it stick to the front page as the main featured post? Also, I … Continue reading

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How to add new Media and new Posts

This info is for blog authors.  How to add a pic to the library, and how to make a new post with that image. Note: the image I uploaded is … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week

Our first poem will be up soon.

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Theme specifications

The Suburbia theme will display a featured image over your post.  The featured image needs to be at least 350 x 248.   (Note: a 4 x3 aspect ratio would … Continue reading

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